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As mentioned on my home page, my sister and I are a comedy duo named 'The Midlife Gals.'  With over 150 improv videos on YouTube and over 50 on funnyordie, we have been known to do stand-up.  Here we are at The Velveeta Room in Austin, Texas.


Here we are at 'Lewers' Lounge' in Waikiki...2016He

One day in class I decided to tape an improv my actors were  doing.  Here we have 'Famous & The Bullshitters' preparing to perform in front of 34,000 people in a concert at The Alamo Dome.  Rolling Stone Magazine interviews them before they go onstage.

The casting director for 'Hawaii 5-0' often casts day-player roles, where she wants straight  forward readings that are simple but have a personality.  I made this tape for her so she could see my actors do one-liners.