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The Actors' muse

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How can I be of service to you?

After 30 years of coaching and casting actors in major motion pictures, I realized that I am a wealth of information for artists trying to navigate this wonderful business.  As I choose actors to manage and/or teach, my aim is to create a group of performers that will maintain a higher level of artistry in Hawaii, an elite tribe of warriors who play.

I have worked for many legendary directors in casting offices all over the United States.  I know what they are searching for in actors that audition for roles in movies and television.  It's not what you think...

I work and coach to create a group of actors who's reputation will reach the eyes and ears of incoming and local Casting Directors and Directors when they are searching for the very best, even as they weed through the untrained dreamers who only waste their time in the casting offices.

When it comes to acting, I strive to inspire and educate on an almost spiritual level.  But don't get me wrong, I'm also a careerist.  I am a mentor - but mostly...I am here to inspire.

I am a muse.